Nora’s Birth Story

Hi, how are you guys doing today? This week is crazy over here. I have a huge pile of dishes that I need to wash and clothes all over the place to fold. At least the girls went to bed by 8:00 PM tonight which is a super mom win for this very tired mama over here. But instead of doing the dishes as I mentioned, I am right here laying on my bed, under my blankets writing Nora’s birth story. (I know, she is almost 9 months, but seriously trust me, life with two is crazy.)

This is me, writing for my Nora. I hope you enjoy it!

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Dear Nora,

I am writing this in hope that you will read it in the future and show it to all my cute grandkids. I hope you keep this close to your heart as I keep it to mine, my beautiful and loved daughter. It’s so crazy to think back and remember all the details about how you came to this earth, to this family, to us. You are just the perfect fit and we couldn’t have asked for a better soul to fill out our family as yours.

Your birth story starts on May 12th sometime between 3:00-3:30 a.m. just one day before your due date. Here we go.

 I woke up with a cramp that was painful, but I could take it. I thought I would just go back to sleep and try to relax but nope, another cramp came in. They were close to each other. I grabbed my phone that was sitting at the nightstand to start timing the contractions.

They were consistent, coming in every 4 minutes. Then after a couple more minutes, they jumped to only 3 mins apart, that moment I knew the time was coming and I needed to go to the hospital ASAP.

At that time, we lived in a small college community and thank goodness, the hospital was only 5 mins away. We got dressed (I totally considered going to the hospital in pajamas but somehow, I was able to between contractions, get dressed). So, we loaded the car with our suitcases and hurried to the hospital in the middle of the night. The 5-minute drive turned out to be only 3 minutes, but I can tell you that they were the LONGEST 3 minutes of my life.

We got to the hospital. We couldn’t find parking. I didn’t want to walk by myself, so I stayed in the car with daddy driving around the parking lot until we could find a spot. That wasn’t a biggie, except that we parked kind of far away from the entrance and I had to walk a distance in labor (Also, longest walk of my life).

We made it to labor and delivery. It wasn’t too busy that early morning. A nurse came in and took me to a room where she was going to make sure I was in “real” labor (like they couldn’t tell by all the screaming and crying I was doing) while daddy went to the front desk to do the paper work.

Another nurse came into the room, she put a little machine on my belly to check on the contractions. They were getting so close to each other. Daddy gets back in the room and the nurses left. I was in so much pain. At that point, the contractions were so close almost like they weren’t stopping. I was so scared!

Your daddy told me he needed to use the bathroom (When he gets nervous, he needs to… you know, #2) and I was left alone in the room. I am not going to lie, I got so upset and frustrated with your Dada. Seriously, I was in so much pain, attached to a bed, not being able to move and so alone! I prayed, prayed to my Father in Heaven to let me do that, to give me the strength I needed and also to never let me get pregnant EVER AGAIN. HAHA. So silly, I know!

A couple minutes later, Daddy was back and so too were the nurses. They moved me to the room you were born at. The room was huge, I remember that. They laid me down again in bed and one of the nurses checked me for dilatation. She said I was at 6. I couldn’t believe it because I was in so much pain.

I cried and cried non-stop asking for mercy and someone to take that pain away. I was miserable! I started begging for some kind of anesthesia, it was like a show where I was the one screaming and screaming until one of the nurses said that the anesthetist wasn’t available at that moment. My world fell down. I just wanted that pain away and you in my arms.  

This all happen in one to two hours. And FINALLY the anesthetist came in, I was close to 7 of dilatation. I got an epidural and I was back to life (seriously, epidural is life). I was happy and very anxious then Daddy had to leave the room again because he was so nervous he needed to eat or he would pass out right there in the room.

Well, I let him go get himself some food not expecting that he would stay close to one hour in the hospital’s café.  It was 9:10 AM, I was at 9 cm. Your daddy came back to the room, gave me a kiss as time was getting so close to meet you. I wish I had wrote this as soon as you were born so I would remember more details. Even missing some small details, I’m grateful for all that I do remember of that beautiful day.

10:00 AM, the doctor came in. He checked me and said I was ready to push. I pushed 3 or 4 times and you were here. It was so fast. You were born May 12th at 10:21 AM, on a magical Friday morning.

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You came straight to my arms and we stared at each other for a long time. You fit in just right, and that moment I knew you were everything I wanted and needed. That moment I realized, you were the love my savior has for me, you were his light and I felt so connected to heaven at that moment. You were that tiny little perfect baby girl, so perfect to this little family of ours.

Welcome to the world my NORA HELENA HUISH

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