Holiday Gift Idea: JORD Wood Watches

Olive & Acacia Wood Watch

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Hi there, how are you doing today?

I can’t believe it is December already and Christmas is just around the corner. With this crazy and busy life of mine, I decided to start shopping for the holidays a little earlier this year. I gifted my husband with what is in my opinion, one of the most elegant and sophisticated watches I have ever seen, plus it is a wood watch. Yes! You heard it right. It is a wood watch. So, I invited my husband to do a quick review of it and I am so excited to share with you his thoughts about JORD Watch.



Hey!  This is Greg, Bianca’s husband and I am the owner of the watch in question.  I’m here to share with you my thoughts on the watch.  My most recent watch purchase was a smartwatch, so this watch is a complete contrast.

The watch is by JORD, it’s part of their Dover series & I opted for the Olive & Acacia Wood variant.  It also comes in 4 other wood combinations which you can find on their website.  For me, I chose the Olive & Acacia variation because of the wood’s significance in history.  It also turns out the combination works well with my skin tone & wardrobe color preferences, so it ended up being a great choice.

Going from my first smartwatch to my first wooden & automatic watch, I have a really enjoyed a new-found appreciation for a more natural, cord-free timepiece.  This watch is made to last, with the sapphire glass protecting the face & the automatic timepiece, no batteries needed.  Again, a stark difference from my smartwatch.



This watch stands out!  Using this watch while out-&-about and at work people have taken notice.  The inviting wooden band & casing catches people’s attention, then they are even more impressed with the open face showing the inner workings of the timepiece.  They usually ask if it is comfortable or if it feels cheap.  On my wrist, it is very comfortable, & it feels great.  The weight is perfect, & the wood links are smooth & secure, no pinching & no hair pulling.  The numbers are large and easily visible.

Without a doubt this watch is great!  I love it & I fully recommend this watch for yourself or as a gift.  JORD has quite a few other options in their online shop.  They also offer sizing and engravings, both on the watch & on its wooden box.  Take advantage of the exclusive savings as well! (Below)




Since it is the holiday season, JORD is giving my followers a 25% off discount! Their watches would be a great gift for men and woman. The codes are limited, and it ends December 15th, 2017 so hurry up & make sure you put in your information, so they can deliver your discount code!

I hope you can find some inspiration for the perfect gift for your loved ones and enjoy the 25% off code. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

– Bianca



Dover Series, My Husband’s Watch

Women’s Watch Selection

Men’s Watch Selection

Luxury Wooden Watch


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