A Grandmother’s Inspiration

Hi there, how is your week going so far?

Our week has been crazy, busy trying to catch up on piles of laundry and dishes, finishing the girl’s Halloween costumes, scheduling doctor appointments, and going grocery shopping. Ugh! Why do moms always have so much to do and so little time? I wish my day had more than 24 hours.

Anyway, today I want to take some time off from this busy week and share with you two very talented mommas and their cute Etsy shops. Only recently I came across their products, and I fell in love with them.

Adelaide and Co

Cassandra is a new momma and together with her grandma, Flora Adelaide, own Adelaide and Co. the shop was named after her grandma and her daughter, named Adelaide Grace. Her little Adelaide is her primary inspiration. Their bonnets are completely handmade and absolutely beautiful.  Check out her work at her etsy shop.

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Robin’s Lullaby

When Robin was a little girl, her grandma taught her how to sew.  A few years ago, her grandmother developed Alzheimer’s.  After her grandma passed away, she was given her grandma’s old sewing machine and decided she wanted to spread her love for sewing to others. And since she loves babies, she decided to focus on creating not only trendy, but, functional baby items. Robin’s products are a dream come true for her and me too!  Check out her work at her etsy shop.

Bandana bibs/drool catchers





I share inspiration with both mommas.  My grandma basically raised my sister and me.  My mother and father both studied and worked arduously outside of the home.  My grandmother worked very hard bringing up her two daughters and she taught us so much.  It makes me sad because I haven’t had the chance to see her since got married here in the U.S.  We hope to see her for the upcoming holidays and let her meet my two little ones for the first time!




Thanks for checking in



Bianca Huish



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