I Believe…






I believe in motherhood.  Nights of being awake until morning light, no more regular showers, or watching TV shows during lunch break.  By the age of 24, I found myself rocking a baby to sleep infinite times a day at the same time trying to entertain a busy toddler.

The day I became a mother of two everything changed.  I had no clue that the tiny humans I had at home would change my life forever.  Everything seemed to be so hard and impossible to do with two kids in the house. There was dust on most of the furniture, so many dirty dishes in the sink, and trash accumulated in white bags on the kitchen floor.

I noticed little things like a stain on the wall that I had never before noticed.  It became extremely ugly and annoying as I stared at it for a long time while sitting in my rocking chair. Even with all these difficulties, I soon noticed a change in my attitude toward my new routine.  Suddenly, the space in my heart that was filled with frustration and exhaustion was renewed with patience, love, and kindness. 


maternidade 3.jpeg

I had a change of perspective.  Days and nights consisted in a routine of feeding, bathing, and changing diapers all day long with so much joy.  I found a love for my new position as a mother of two.

Months have passed and my daughters and I have been having great moments together. We learn so much from each other. I became their biggest entertainment and they are my greatest daily inspiration.  I love them and I have so much to teach them in so little time.  Soon enough, it will be their time to experience the prism of motherhood, the unknown and unique feeling of giving birth to a child and becoming a matriarch.

For these reasons, I believe in motherhood.  I believe the change I have experienced and experience still daily with my daughters has made me a better person.


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Photography: Christiana and Tara Huish


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